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Orange County Burial Service

Affordable Funeral Services in Californi

Burial Service requires a few other preparation depending on the timeline of service. 

We will provide you with a list of required and optional items base on your financial situation and beloved final wishes.   Flexible pricing to customize your funeral package. 

  • Professional Funeral Staff assistance (24hrs availibility)

  • Death certificate processing

  • Transportation of deceased

  • Other required preparation

  • Memorial Service (Up to 4 Hours) 

  • Casket & Vault

  • Transportation: Funeral Coach / Hearse

  • Transportation to other facilities (Temple, Church, Home)

Optional Items:

  • Extended Hours for service 

  • Mailing Service (domestic and international)

  • Repatriation (shipping service International) 

  • Memorial Keepsake / Photobook / Registry Book / Announcement / Post Thank you Cards 

  • Memorial Poster Canvas

  • Urn Flower Display

Please refer to General Price List

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